We live in a dirty world full of harmful pollutants and contaminants. Every day we are exposed to many toxins in the air we breathe and what we ingest. Toxins accumulate throughout our body in our blood, liver, urinary tract, salivary glands, kidneys, colon, circulatory system, and respiratory system. Many toxins stay in your body for 90 days or longer. Toxins and pollutants act as poison in our bodies and continuous exposure can cause long term damage. You only have one body. Clean it up! We recommend you use Total Stealth Detox before beginning any weight loss or exercise program to get the most effective results. You can be confident that Total Stealth’s powerful cleansing formula will jump start your program and set you on your way to a clean, healthy body. We recommend using Total Stealth Detox monthly to maintain a pure, clean body, clear mind, high energy level, and healthy lifestyle.